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Power Pack

Next Generation Low code/No code development platform leveraging AI.

We allow you to build Web, Mobile, Desktop, Workflows, Blockchain and Machine Learning solutions without much coding background.

Supports out of the box various UX components, ML models, Blockchain smart contracts.

Integration: Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Tally, Quickbooks, Shopify, Elastic Search ,SAP, Oracle, D365 and many more.


Solutions built using "Power Pack" Platform

NextGen Retail

Next generation all-in-one modules for retail built using low-code platform

Smart Inventory & Product Management

End to end job card management with Mobile App, Tablet and Web Enabled

GST Invoicing, Taxation and Accounting

Automated follow-up and notification to customers

Supports various Reports and Analytical dashboards which helps to measure business performance

Integration with Microsoft D365, Quickbooks, Shopify, Tally, Azure Services and many more.

The most advanced feedback system which helps to measure probability of customer revisit

Multi-Channel Campaign support. Create & send email, SMS & Push notification campaigns in just a few clicks

Customer and Supplier Payment Tracking


Demand Forecasting

On demand inventory forecasting system built using low-code platform

Quickly train and deliver highly precise and accurate machine learning models considering external factors like holidays, weather, local events, competitor activities.

Better forecasting accuracy helps a firm in better planning related to business goals.

Designed to deliver the highest ROI and sales

Integrates with various ERP system, Shopify, Quickbooks.



What is low code development?

Low code development platforms help you build applications at faster rate with minimal coding. Low code allows you to automate manual tasks and replaces that with drag and drop features by which you can scale your development cycle by 5x.

Find all the information about low code through our blog and understand how low code will help you in your digital transformation

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Having migrated from System based software to cloud based software we had our own skepticism but the Enext team have really put in a lot of thought to their software and made it extremely user friendly. Moreover they are very receptive to inputs from the customers and make valid changes within a short time. Having worked with this team since our migration to their software “NextGen ERP”, we can say that it is comfortable to work with this team. Simple user interfaces as per the logins help even a person without much software knowledge to easily use it. All said and done it is a good software package and ever improving by the day.

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