Making sense out of large sets of data is a major issue for any company. That’s where technologies like ML helps companies to generate models which provide them with reports/dashboards to plan their future operations.
Demand Forecasting is one of those concepts where you estimate demand of various products at various point of time. This can be for Inventory, Product demand, Supply chain, Price forecast or more, list is endless.


Faster adoption

Plug in data from any source, select the model which you want and your Forecasting reports will ready within minutes rather than you spending days or even months to make sense out huge amount of data.

No Need of extra resources

No Need of extra resources Every company looks to do this but think about extra costs, manpower and time before making a decision.
With Low Code/No Code approach you don’t have to worry about development or what models to chose. Platform will auto suggest you the best model and give out your reports.


Stop worrying about integrations as that is also taken care by eNextCloud’s PowerPack Platform. Integrate with any existing software systems or data sets.

  • • Quickly train and deliver highly precise and accurate machine learning models considering external factors like holidays, weather, local events, competitor activities.
  • • Better forecasting accuracy helps a firm in better planning related to business goals.
  • • Designed to deliver the highest ROI and sales.
  • • Integrates with various ERP system, Shopify, Quickbooks.

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