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What is low code development?

June 5th 2020

Low code development platforms help you build applications at faster rate with minimal coding. Low code allows you to automate manual tasks and replaces that with drag and drop features by which you can scale your development cycle by 5x.

Instead of writing thousands of line of codes Low code platforms allows you to build enterprise grade solutions in record time with user friendly interfaces and helps you with quick integrations with third party applications.

Here is what a standard low code development platform consists of:

  • Graphical IDE: This allows you to arrange already developed UIs, workflows and data modeling and helps you quickly build additional logic if needed.
  • Readymade back-end structure: You don’t have to worry about data management and storage.
  • Development lifecycle manager: Automate all your development process with this as this puts you in a backseat and does all the work for you from building to deployment. There is more you need not worry about testing as well.

There are few platforms existing in the market which helps you build an application which is enterprise grade and eNextCloud is one of them. Our platform helps you automate your development lifecycle and we also help companies in assisted low code development as well where we take on the need of our customer and build an application within no time, rather than you waiting months for it with coding, coding and more coding.

Low code platforms allow companies to adopt newer technologies like AI/ML and Block-chain with faster development and reduce your dependency on IT systems. In coming year’s low code will be the widest used platforms for companies looking to develop new applications.

A small example how low code actually speeds up your development process. Let’s suppose you are planning to build a web application or business process with 10 modules, it will take you around 5-6 months with multiple resources to finish up the project. On the other hand with low code development same thing can be finished within a month’s time or maybe even lesser.

Imagine writing 10000 lines of code vs. 100 lines for same. Low code does that all the heavy lifting for you. There is a huge demand of low code platforms now days as technology is changing rapidly. eNextCloud helps its customer with handholding them through the whole process and provide full support along the way. If you are looking to build any application for your business needs and get ahead of the competition low code platforms are no brainer.

Low code is about getting things get done faster

It supercharges your team to build the applications faster and with no compromise with quality. Low Code platforms is not about reducing the workload of your IT team but actually about building and scaling applications faster by utilizing betters tools. If you are looking to try out a low code platform for your next application we will be happy to assist you with your needs. Now you know what low code is all about. Start today and adopt new technologies faster.